Pride and “Brave”

OK, so there isn’t a huge tie between the two – other than they both occurred for me in the same weekend. But maybe there’s more of a tie than you’d think.

For me, Pride 2012 kicked off with the Front Runners New York Pride Run on Saturday morning in Central Park. It was definitely hot and humid, but I felt like it was slightly better than last year temperature-wise. Apparently not. Oh well. I still managed to do slightly better than last year by a few seconds. Yay!

After, it was the after-party at Boxers. I definitely felt like last year’s was better – this year’s was just kind of “let’s hang out at the bar”. I stayed for a while, but not really long.

Then I went to see “Brave” – but more on that later.

I spent Saturday evening and early Sunday morning debating who to march with in the March. I could go with my church, who I’ve marched with the past few years or I could march with Front Runners, which would be a new experience. Both had their potentially positive aspects. And both had their negative aspects. Ultimately I decided to march with Front Runners…and as much as I love the friends I do have in Front Runners, as I’ve said before it’s hard fitting in. I’m slower, and I don’t sprint. So that meant I wasn’t participating in the staged “races” along the route. It’s a larger group to be marching with, and gets the crowd a bit more involved, but I still felt as if I was marching alone much of the time. I found myself wishing I’d gone with my church group. My Front Runners family is great…but it was almost too much for the weekend if that makes sense.

Of course there’s no guarantee how marching with church would have gone either – the people who participate can vary a bit from year to year and that affects the vibe of the whole experience. I definitely missed hanging out with people I knew were marching.

So my thinking right now is I’ll go with the church group…but who knows. So much can change between now and then. And I’m sure my mood (I’m in one of those “I feel blah and unhappy and can’t pinpoint why” troughs right now) isn’t helping my assessment of the weekend.

But “Brave” was definitely the highlight of the weekend!

I’d been anticipating this movie since I heard about it for a variety of reasons: set in Scotland, a Disney/Pixar movie, finally a totally kick-butt “I’m going to be my own person and not wait around for some guy to win my hand” Princess…plus the previews I’d seen looked great!

And I have to say, it didn’t disappoint me.

Was it predictable? Yes, a bit. But it’s a children’s movie – not an adult psychological thriller. The writing is appropriate for a children’s movie. (I honestly think sometimes reviewers forget the audience movies they are reviewing is geared for.) But it’s touching and a lot funnier than I anticipated it being. There are some scenes that are scary – it’s rated PG after all, not G.

But the message and the lessons learned are great. And I love the fact that for Merida, happily ever after doesn’t involve giving up everything about who she is (ahem: Ariel) or becoming dependent on a guy (or anyone…I’d be as “Stand up for yourself and your identity girl!” if a princess was a lesbian and gave up her identity/depended on her female partner. Please note: I am NOT saying anything about Merida’s sexuality. The only relationships depicted in the movie are familial ones with her mother, her father, and her triplet brothers; and the princes are simply there as part of the tradition that Merida is rebelling against. No reason other than she wants to be her own person is given.). In Merida we have a strong, independent, athletic, and yet still loving and family-centered princess. We need more like her in the princess universe!! Please!!!!!

This is definitely one that will be on my re-watch list. And my must own list.

So overall it was a good weekend. I wish some things had been different, but ultimately I think they were what they were for a reason, and I may not see it now, but I’m sure it’ll come clear at some point.