Let my Gluten/Wheat-Free life begin!

Let my Gluten/Wheat-Free life begin!

Or at least my Gluten/Wheat-Free life for a couple of weeks while I experiment with going GF/WF to see if perhaps that allergy test was right.

Ok, let me back up since I realize I never blogged about the whole start of this thing. Last August, when I was at the beach with my parents, I noticed I was a little wheezier than usual – something I attributed to the nasty air filter that hadn’t been changed in a while. I also noticed that my chin was burny and itchy a lot of the time, especially after eating, and that it was kind of broken out. I figured that might have been some weird sunscreen reaction and new face cleaner seemed to clear it right up. I didn’t really think anything else about it.

Until I got home, went for a run one morning, came home and made my peanut butter banana smoothie that I usually drank. Within about 15 minutes of drinking it, I noticed that I was getting wheezy and my chin was doing the burny-itchy thing again. The only common denominator in what I’d eaten then and at the beach that I hadn’t had between the beach and that moment was…PEANUT BUTTER. Googled allergic reactions to peanuts and bingo…it seemed to fit.

So I got an appointment with an allergist and immediately cut peanut products out of my diet. The allergy test didn’t show a reaction to peanuts, but my doctor said that they didn’t always pick up allergies, but given my reaction, avoidance was best. The tests DID show a wheat allergy. Which I didn’t buy into. I’ve eaten stuff with wheat in it my whole life and never had a problem. My doc said if I wasn’t having reactions, it could be a false positive so not to worry about it. (Other things that showed up were milk and eggs…ditto in that they haven’t shown any issues.) There of course was the possibility that I truly AM allergic, but the reactions have been so mild I’m just used to it as “part of life”.

Life was continuing on as normal. I’ve read stuff about GF diets, but most of them said that unless you’re celiac or allergic to wheat you probably wouldn’t get any benefits from it. Still, for some reason this weekend, I started wondering about doing a GF/WF experiment just to see. I decided to clean out the stuff I’ve got with wheat, and then replace it with GF/WF stuff just to see how I reacted. Starting yesterday.

Well, breakfast was a Luna protein bar before my run – that’s gluten free anyway, but I eat them because I like them. Breakfast was rounded out with grapefruit juice, water, and coffee. Totally GF/WF. Then lunch began the clean out: Trader Joe’s chicken drumettes (which are breaded), and Trader Joe’s Mac & Cheese (uh, DUH). Veggies and dressing also – all GF just by nature. Well…

Yep. Within 15-20 minutes I started getting wheezy. And guess what one of the wheat allergy symptoms is (when not celiac, which I’m not as I don’t have the intestinal issues)? Wheezing.

Thankfully Trader Joe’s has a great return policy. So this morning I loaded up the whole wheat pasta, the cereal, and the meatballs (with bread crumbs and therefore not GF) and took them back to return them and get GF foods. Mission accomplished. One thing I’m noticing is that I think this will help me eat better period as while it’s not impossible, it’s a lot harder to find GF/WF junk.

So the GF/WF experiment begins today. I’m going to be a lot more conscious of my wheezing and stuff to see if my theory (and the allergy test) is correct. Also note how I feel. Yay!