At least it was sunny!

At least it was sunny!

That makes Monday mornings a little easier. School was school – J was in rare form as he always is after a weekend. We got to go to the garden today. I think I’ve figured out that my highest functioning kid has it in his head that “outside” means the courtyard at school in the center of the building where they go after lunch when they can. For the second week in a row, while we are at the garden (most definitely outside) he’s come up to me and said “Are we going outside today?” Must work on generalizing that. And one of the kids I had this summer – did I mention the “Is that your hair?” “Yeah.” “I love you.” story from last week on here? – very obviously has such a teacher crush on me. Today all the way out to his bus he was like “I love you. I like you a lot. Do you like me?” It’s cute, but with all these pubescent boys at school it’s sort of an environment ripe for this. Ah the things we have to guard against.

Talked to Daddy for a while this afternoon. They *may* come up here for Thanksgiving again. We’ll see what ends up happening. Ditto whatever trip I do over the time between Summer School and School. So much up in the air right now.

I’m almost halfway through the 30 Day Shred! I had to move the workout into the living room today because my DVD player seems to have quit. Oh joy. So I put it on the iMac. Actually? I’ve got more room in there so I may just stick with that. It’s still hard as hell, but I’m kicking through it. Honestly? I’m kind of afraid of Level 3…Level 2 is THAT hard.

And now…it’s time for me to get in bed. I’m working on trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. We’ll see!!

Wow it was a gorgeous day!

Wow it was a gorgeous day!

It was cool, true. But it was beautiful outside!!

Church was good. I had to usher, but that was ok. Big crowd today – we ran out of bulletins! Crazy!! After the service, I got double teamed about serving on an acolyte team. Um… And of course I agreed. I am a whimp! And then during coffee hour, someone else stopped me and said she’d meant to say how much she liked the chorale we did last week and ask if I’d considered singing in the choir. Um…what? They seem pretty well set on sopranos right now, but. LOL. Insanity! I got a hug from M., so that was cool. When she gets over this shy stage she’ll be fine. /sarcasm She is adjusting beautifully – at least from what we can see.

Also? I forgot that Stephen Daldry is associated with my parish! His wife is on the vestry! He came in at the start of communion and went up to sit with his wife and daughter. At coffee hour I screwed up my courage and went over to talk to him briefly. I congratulated him on the great reviews for Billy in Chicago and told him – honestly – that it was my favorite of the three productions (London, NYC and Chicago) I’ve seen. He was so nice and thanked me for telling him. He said the Chicago production is his favorite too. 🙂 Very cool!

I’ve basically chilled this afternoon. It’s been nice to do that. Just relax.

Well, not 100% – I did do Day 13 of the 30 Day Shred. Still DYING at level 2, but I’m sticking it out. I can tell little things – jeans that have been washed and dried aren’t as tight as they used to be for one. I think my shoulders are getting more defined. And – hopefully this makes sense – most things on my body just have that weird look like there is musculature developing but there’s still fat there? I know that with continuing to work out and watch what I eat, the combination of the diet and building muscle will help to burn that fat away. But it’s sort of that awkward stage right now. Still, I’m calling it progress!

I’ve been doing more thinking about what to do after Summer School. I do think the beach would be fun – I’m used to going there! But the ‘rents are going Memorial Day week. 😦 I wish I had the money right now to rent a house there so I could treat them to a stay – they’d just have to drive and pick me up in Charlotte. But I won’t have the money until it’s almost that time. So… I don’t know. Someone on FaceBook suggested some places out on Eastern Long Island for a day or weekend. *sigh* I’ll probably just for everything I’m considering end up going to Nashville for a week. Can’t do much longer than that because of the bird. It’ll most likely ultimately be cheaper to do one of the Europe trips for Winter Break next year – plus it’ll give this volcano more time to settle down!

Um… Not much else. Tomorrow night’s gonna be weird not having a writing class to go to! But I need the break to really let myself be creative rather than under pressure to produce something to turn in on a schedule.

Ok…probably should go brush my hair before it dries in all kinds of weird bends from being wrapped up in the towel. 😛 Night!