starting over

starting over

It’s been a while.

A few years, actually.

So it’s time to start over. Kinda.

I pondered deleting the old entries, but decided against it. They are my thoughts then – and while I’ve not read back over them, I’m sure much still applies to some degree. So they will stay.

But I will start anew.

I’ve learned things since I last posted. Things about the world – some of which I wish I hadn’t learned. Things about myself. Some things have changed radically, others have come full circle.

I’ll address some of these in later entries. Promise!

For now, I’ll start with my title… Why those three characters? Like Belle, I want adventure in the great, wide somewhere. Like Hermione, I love my books and learning. Like Mulan, I’ve become a semi-reluctant martial artist.

Perhaps a strange trio to some minds, but there you have it. Some Disney, some Harry Potter. Some introversion, some action. Lots of questions. All heart.

And all a little me.

For past readers, welcome back. For new readers, welcome!

adventures in my life

adventures in my life

1. Not really, but oh well…it seemed like a cute title. I have no adventures of late. School, workout, church…that’s about it. 😛

2. Church yesterday was good. I was a torch – emergency situation. We don’t typically have sermons with names in the Episcopal Church, but if we did, yesterday’s would have been “Jesus Ruined The Funeral”. Great sermon!! 😀

3. Yesterday, there was this “Perfect Cup” bra fitting thing that was sponsored by Warner’s and Olga bras AND Skinny Cow ice cream. It was free, and I know you’re supposed to get refitted when you gain or lose 10 pounds. So I figured why not. Even though I was kinda bummed that my jeans are still the same size, I figured you never know. Well…it’s true! I’ve lost 4 inches in my chest!!! 🙂 The best part? When I told my fitter the size of the bra I had on and said “I’ve lost some weight since I was fitted” she said “Yeah…there’s no way you’re a 42.” And I’m not! Go me with my 38 inches!! 🙂 Cup size is unchanged, but all that means is that those are losing at the same rate. So woo! AND??? I get a free bra!!! It’ll be mailed to me, but double woo!!!

4. Oh, and btw… Skiny Cow ice cream is friggin delicious!!!!

5. It’s official that Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch are going into A Little Night Music! So excited! My thinking is this will be my birthday show. The decision will be made based on things like if there are any discounts that get put out for orchestra or mezz, or if there are still front row balcony seats available. Or if I decide to wing it and see if it pops up on tkts that day. Decisions, decisions. But with the balcony seats being $52… It’s expensive.

6. Thinking I may take a shower and get into bed and relax until I drop off. Of course I was tired like this yesterday and as soon as the lights went out, I was wide awake… But I’m going to take that chance I think.

Just chilling. :)

Just chilling. :)

1. Managed to sleep until almost 8:30 this morning! Go me! Been a while since that happened! I guess I’m getting as caught up as I can on my sleep since I’m sort of remembering dreams – or parts of them – when I wake up now. Wasn’t doing that for a while.

2. I have only been out of my pajamas for doing the 30 Day Shred 9workout clothes) and a shower. It’s been kind of nice.

3. Really not liking this First Look book I’m reading through Barnes and Noble’s First Look Club. It’s called The Writing Circle. The story-within-a-story that opens the book I have found far more compelling than the rest of the book. Well, the first 88 pages of the book. The characters are all so stock and flat it’s not funny. I will say that based on my experience with non-class writing groups, the author did at least get the snark level down exactly right. Though we’ve only read 88 pages, it’s beyond 3 chapters…and I can safely say that if I hadn’t committed to reading this thing I would have put it down after the equivalent of chapter 3, which is my standard rule for books. If they don’t grab me by the end of chapter 3 (obviously someone like Dan Brown who writes paragraphs and calls them chapters requires a slightly more liberal use of the rule), I put it down.

4. Now trying to decide if I should buy my plane ticket to Nashville when I get the June 15th paycheck or hold off to see if the rate comes down. I hate airlines in that respect. Because they don’t all refund you the difference – and those that do have all kinds of hoops like flight class (hint: NOT first vs. economy) and stuff. And it seems like invariably if I buy the ticket, the price will go down shortly afterwards (but not within the 24 hour allowable period). If I wait, it will only go up. Gah! Decisions, decisions.

5. Talked with Daddy for a little while this evening. He’s willing to change the Maggie Valley thing in a B&B (he and Mom love them…Hampton Inn is about as B&B as I want to get) to going to Asheville if I want. So now I get to decide if I’d rather go to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge or Asheville. Or jut hang in Nashville. Again…decisions, decisions.

6. Blech. Back to school tomorrow. There are 20 school days left. One of those is professional development, so teachers only. Two are half-days. The last day is listed as “early-dismissal” for students…I think it usually ends up being a half-day. And pending good weather, Thursday will be a “fun field day”. So…overall not that bad.

7. I need to remember to go to the library tomorrow. There’s a book that’s on reserve through the 2nd – another Florence travel book. 🙂 I like to go before the last day, because they’ve been known to pull books ON the last day of the hold period before the close of business rather than doing it after the doors are closed or first thing the next morning. Annoying!!

8. Still liking the Shred the second time through. Of course, I’m not to level 2 yet. Level 2 = the most horrible of all of them. Seriously. Even Level 3 which should in theory be harder is at least more enjoyable and I don’t feel as much like I’m about to die when I do that one. Hopefully I see similar weight-loss results this time through! But I will be happy with whatever I get. As long as I get SOME.

9. Alrighty…time to do stuff like wash my face, etc. and then get in bed to do some reading (not the First Look thing…something I actually want to read) and then get some sleeps for tomorrow.

Rainy days and Mondays…

Rainy days and Mondays…

Actually today wasn’t completely bad. Yes, my para wasn’t there. But we survived. The sub who came in finally was good – and another para came in to help me until she got there. So yay. Obviously no garden on a rainy day. That sucks, but we deal.

I apparently subscribed to New York Magazine? I don’t recall doing it, but I got an issue in the mail today with an expiration date of May 3, 2011. Oh, and a very scary picture – Sarah Palin’s head – on it. I’m debating if I should call and find out how I subscribed (and probably be one of those crazy callers that they will all talk about) or just wait and see what happens. The weirdest thing is it’s using my full name, so that makes it even more bizarre. I’m wondering if I somehow signed up for it or won it at the 13 Celebration of Teaching and Learning. My badge got scanned for all kinds of things there so it well could be that – that I won it somehow. We shall see.

I’ve decided I’m going to borrow from my friends Nic and Heather and call my whole reinventing myself through exercise and eating right Project LB (Living Better). 🙂 It’s going well! Today was day 21 on the 30 Day Shred!!!!! I know right? I’m pretty damn proud of myself for getting this far. And even damn prouder of myself for DOING LEVEL 3 today!!!! I’d only felt at least like I wasn’t going to DIE at the end of Level 2 for about 3 or 4 days, so I was really scared to go to Level 3, but I was also determined to do it 10-10-10 if at all possible. Someone responded to my tweet about it with “You’ll be fine! I feel like L3 is the most fun – it’s hard, don’t get me wrong – but it flies by!” And really? She was right. Yes, it’s hard as hell, but somehow it doesn’t seem as long as Level 2 or even Level 1. Maybe it’s the supermans in circuit 1? I don’t know. It is definitely extremely tough. My muscles were shaking when I finished, and I was practically in tears, and my abs are still threatening revolt (who knew there were STILL untapped ab muscles in there after the other two levels???), but I feel great for having conquered my fear and done it!!!! I know, I know. It’s silly to be scared of a DVD. All I have to do is turn it off or drop down a level. But I’m not going to do that!! I’m doing this for a reason, and by God I’m going to finish it!!! I suspect that this will find its way into my workout routine on a regular basis even if I’m not doing 30 days in a row. Time shall tell.

The eating right portion of Project LB is going well too. Of course that’s helped by not having a ton of money to even be TEMPTED to go grab pizza or Chinese or some other kind of fast food. I’m hoping that it will be long enough on a healthier diet before I’ve got spare money that I won’t be as tempted to go and blow it. That the thought of those foods will make me think twice. I’ll keep you posted on that!

Still considering places to go after summer school. One place got eliminated tonight. I called The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge just to get some information on a few things I had questions about and ended with asking how far out they usually get booked. They’re booked through December 12 right now. So yeah…that’s no longer an option. So far – besides just going to Nashville for a while – the leading contenders are: Rome, Florence, Paris, Munich, Ireland (based in Dublin but doing day train trips every day), Montreal and San Francisco. I have some other itineraries saved on expedia, but those are the ones I’m most interested in I think. I’m open to other suggestions as well. Nothing wrong with considering places and dreaming!

I’ve discovered how to put NYPL ebooks on my nook when I “check them out” from the library!! WOOHOO!!!! More books – for FREE!! 🙂

Speaking of… It’s about time for me to get my face washed and teeth brushed and get in bed to do some reading before sleepies. Hopefully I’ll get more sleepies tonight than last night. I could not sleep last night for anything. ANNOYING!!

Ah Tuesday.

Ah Tuesday.

Today was a workshop day. Always nice to have a day away from the kidlets – though I do love them. This was the last in the 4-part series I had this year, and they were all amazing. If all PD workshops were like this one was, it would be AWESOME!

There was massive temptation at lunch when someone came in with McDonald’s…it smelled SOOOO good. But I was strong and ate the cereal bar I’d brought and drank my water. Given everything I read in Master Your Metabolism, I have a feeling I’d gag if I even put it in my mouth. But it’s going to take some time to train myself away from practically drooling when I smell it. I’m proud that I was strong! I don’t want to undo all the good I’m doing with the exercise and working on eating better.

Speaking of the exercise, I’ve finished 8 days of the Shred!! Two more days at level 1 and I’m going to dare to take on level 2. I’ve already been warned that level 2 is a killer…which doesn’t surprise me. But I will tough it out. I will conquer!

Thursday I’m going to have to do it before school. I’ve got to go to the bank and get a money order on my way home from school, and drop it off in my building, and then Marty got us tickets for the 1 year anniversary of next to normal‘s opening. Though everyone else made a big deal about the 1 year anniversary of previews. Oh well. I’m surprisingly nonchalant about it. I strongly suspect that Thursday may be my last time seeing it. Can’t put a finger on why…it just feels…different. He’s got us TDF tickets, but we’re going to lottery it and just see what happens. I wish I could put a finger on why it’s lost some of its luster. Maybe it’s having been exposed to things like Next Fall and Red – which are SOOOOO amazing and don’t depend on music to get their emotional points across. Maybe it’s having taken playwriting and working on a play and realizing how much a play has to fight for as opposed to a musical (not that a musical is easy, but it’s definitely easier than a straight play just because people like music and producers are more willing to take a chance on them). Maybe it’s something that has nothing to do with either of those, but I don’t really want to get into right now. Odds are, it’s a combination of all three. But basically that schedule means there wouldn’t be time for me to do the Shred and get in for lottery. So I’ll just get up earlier in the morning and do it before school.

And…I think that’s about it for now. 😀

I’m tired again!

I’m tired again!

Seriously? I finished break and felt really well rested. Three days back at school and I’m tired. Oy with the poodles already!

On the plus side, I’ve got a workshop one day next week and a field trip for part of another day, so that hopefully won’t be TOO bad. We shall see though. In a moment of sheer stupidity, I had in my little head that my workshop WAS the day of the field trip – but it’s not. I just have to call the sub who’s supposed to come in and make sure she has the correct date. Cause that could be bad.

The workouts are getting a little easier. Hopefully that trend continues. At least until day 11 – I’m assuming that since it’s 30 days and there are 3 levels, the intention is to do one level for ten days and then move on. That’s not exactly explained in anything with it. But we shall see how that goes.

Still contemplating trips for after summer school. I’ve discovered that for the price (as it is now) of going to Rome and having flight and hotel only or for cheaper than Paris with flight and hotel only, I could go to Dublin for 4 nights – and take a train trip one day to County Clare and another day to the western coast – Gallway, etc.!! Now that sounds really cool! So… Idk…we’ll see! A lot can happen between now and then.

Don’t have much planned for the weekend – besides workouts of course. Chilling tomorrow. Sunday I’m helping do this ad hoc chorale thingy at church. As part of the budget cuts, there are some Sundays sans choir, and this is one of them. But other than that… We shall just see what the days bring! Those days can be fun!

Ok… I think I shall take a nice, hot shower (I’d love a bath, but alas, no tub) and probably be lame and get in bed. Ha! Sleep can be good!

Oy! Dying!!!

Oy! Dying!!!

In looking at the calendar, I discovered that I am going to be here for a good, long while.  Like more than 30 days.  So…  Back on the 30 Day Shred I go.  And wowza am I sore!  I just have to remember that it does get better…back before I was away for a couple of days I was to day 7 or 8 and I was doing ok.  It’s just the first few days that KILL you!!!

Now…  How about that game last night?!?!?  I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not absolutely thrilled that Duke won, but it was a great game that could have gone either way.  In the past Duke has made their share of shots like that last one Butler put up, so it could have gone in.  Nothing against Butler – they played one hell of a game, and based on that they would have deserved to win it.  Where I beg to differ with people is when they say “Butler had such heart they deserved to win.”  So you’re saying Duke doesn’t have heart?  Sorry, but no dice.  Those Blue Devil boys wanted that win just as bad as the boys from Butler wanted to have it too.  Just because they chose and were chosen to go to Duke doesn’t mean they don’t have heart.  It’s been a while since Duke won the national title, and like anything there are no guarantees.

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty sad that Spring Break is over.  It’s been really nice to have the time to just chill on either side of a fantastic trip to see old friends!  Granted, if I had too much of this, I’d start going batshit crazy which is one of the two main reasons I teach summer school (the other being because it’s really good money).  So ultimately it’s good.  I have a week back, and then a one-day workshop.  So that won’t be too bad.  I’ll likely take a “mental health day” sometime in early May just for a little break – it’s going to be a long time between now and Memorial Day if not.

I’ve decided that I’m going to take a break from a Gotham class this next term.  Largely just to save the money.  I’ll obviously keep working on my play and maybe keep writing some stories, and when the next term starts, I’ll decide if I want to do Playwriting 2 again (once you’ve finished 1, you just keep repeating 2 over and over since it’s mostly working on your own play and occasionally doing some craft exercises) or take Fiction 1.  I did figure out last night with an exercise we did that I should probably just do some impulse writing to get more into my play.  Like, just do the basic scene set-up in my head and then just write without correcting or really thinking.  Sort of like sprints at write-ins when I’ve gone to them.  I do really like the Gotham style.  The rule about saying something positive keeps it from getting snarky – and we definitely don’t tweet things that are said, s it’s a win-win.  You get to work on your craft and not be made to feel like an idiot. So, bonus!

Hmm…  Debating going for a walk here in a few minutes.  These kind of decisions will be easier when I get new headphones for the iPod.  I detest the buds that come with it and others like it.  My ears aren’t really the right size/shape for them, so it’s a constant struggle.  I definitely need to get some that are “ear canal” headphones – the ones with the squishy foam that go into your ear.  So much more comfortable.  After the 15th!  😛

So…  My random thoughts for Tuesday.  Yay.