100 Things About Running Entry #9

100 Things About Running Entry #9

Running for charity!

If you remember back to my post about Boston, I had mentioned that I one day planned to participate in that race for one of the charities.

I still might, but not 2013. And probably not 2014. (And who knows how long they’ll keep those non-qualifying pace slots even available.)

Because a couple of weeks ago, I made a decision.

I am running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for the American Brain Tumor Association’s Team Breakthrough!

Chicago had initially been on my list for 2013. My friend Rick and I had talked about it and that was the year we were going to run it. Then he decided to run it this year. I resisted and didn’t sign up. And it sold out. But as in most major marathons, there were charity slots available. I was set on Chicago being in 2013, and didn’t really look into the charity option.

(To explain the 2013 thing, I had planned to run NYC in 2012 since I had guaranteed entry through the NYRR 9+1 program in which as a NYRR member I ran 9 races and volunteered at one in the year 2011. But then they bumped up the price to where it would have been $227. My line in the sand for a non-destination (for me) race was $200. You might say “It’s only $27!” but I had to draw the line somewhere. And clearly with the number of people rejected through the lottery they aren’t hurting for money or people who want to run it. I’m just not one of them.)

And then I got an email from ABTA about the slots that they had available in Chicago. Read it, but didn’t act on it immediately. But I guess it stored itself in my head because a few days after receiving it, I had a series of dream about my childhood friend Philip.

Philip and I were pretty much inseparable from the time we moved to Tennessee when I was almost 3. The summer I was turning 5, we took swimming lessons together. We carpooled with either my mom driving us or his mom driving us. The day we jumped off the diving board, Philip got really sick right after jumping off. Lessons got called that day, and his mom took me home and took him to the doctor. They were sent to the hospital and he was admitted after tests showed a tumor in Philip’s brain. In the attempted treatment, he developed an aneurysm and he died. Since then, brain tumors have been a cause close to my heart.

Putting all three things together – Rick deciding to run Chicago a year early, me receiving the email from ABTA, and the dreams about Philip – it seemed like the universe was sending me a message.

And so I signed up.

Yes, I have to raise money, and I’m working on that. It’s not nearly as much as I’d have to raise were I running Boston or NYC for a charity, and it’s not so much that I was uncomfortable committing to it, but it’s still a challenge. I know probably the majority of the people reading this don’t know me, but if you’d like to support me, no amount is too little. My participant page can be found here if you want to see it and/or donate.

My training starts tomorrow (5/14), and while I’ll probably address some things on here, the majority of the training will be tracked on Running With Mickey, my running blog. Please feel free to follow along there!