fun fun fun

fun fun fun

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Disney Store! And it was a ton of fun at work. I was on second floor, and for once I didn’t mind. There were activities going on every 5 minutes, and it truly was the most fun I’ve had at any job in a long, long time. Definitely made me happy!!

School is school. It pays the bills. Oh sure, occasionally something will happen – a kid will get a concept, a non-verbal kid will say something, etc. – that makes me feel like I’m doing any good at all, but honestly most of the time I’m just not sure that I’m doing anything worth anything. I don’t know.

We’ve got a MegaMillions pool going on with people from the staff who want to participate. I think there are 27 of us who are in. And I’m taking a chance and getting a couple of tickets on my own. Hey, you never know, right? I definitely have my ideas of what I’ll do with the money if I win it. Clearly it would depend on if it’s just me on a solo ticket or if it’s the group ticket…and how many winners there are in terms of how much I’d get, but clearly paying off bills would be the number one priority. Paying off my parents’ house would be another. And then assuming there’s still enough left over, honestly I would move to Florida and get a place – A could move in no rent and just split utilities with me. I’d get us both cars. And I’d get some kind of job at Disney. That would be bliss!

Hey, a girl can dream, right?


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