Random thoughts…

Random thoughts…

Not sure I can do a coherent entry on anything right now, so bullet points!

* Not sure if I’m going to watch the Oscars. I should probably sleep some.

* Saw Billy Elliot today. Best I’ve seen it. And watching “Electricity” I realized it was also very much a way to describe a great (or even a good) run.

* I’m thinking I want to get my hair cut. But I don’t really know what I want to do with it. I don’t want it buzzed, but I can’t have it flopping in my face while I’m running. So I have no idea. I never thought I’d say this, but after reading almost all of her book, I would LOVE to sit in Tabatha Coffey’s chair and let her work her magic.

* Back to the Oscars…pulling for either The King’s Speech or Black Swan for Best Picture. Pulling for Natalie Portman for Best Actress. Still confused as to how Annette Benning got the nomination over Julianne Moore. Annette was fine, but come on…anyone can play the “wronged spouse”. It takes a lot more to play the one straying AND make it sympathetic and not caricatured ~ which Julianne pulled off beautifully. I’m sorry, but Julianne OWNED that movie (The Kids Are All Right).

* I have a half marathon in 3 weeks. And I’m feeling less than ready. Yikes! There may not be a taper this time.

* Finally finished The Witching Hour. Good lord that was one long, slow book. I’ve read longer books in a week, maybe two. This one took over a month. WAY too much detail IMHO. I think there should have been at least one other book before this one that actually covered all the back story. I realize I’m not a published writer, but we did discuss backstory and how much to reveal while I was in my writing class, and honestly it was so much it felt like a second book was inserted into the first. I’ll give the other two in the series a chance (I bought them for the nook based on my liking the angel series books…or the first one…though that may be as much that it’s NOT set in New Orleans which I just don’t get all the hoohah about…cannot stand that place. And I knew I hated the vampire series…tried that one before), but I’m putting “fun” reads (those that don’t feel like work to read) in between.

* I half think my chiropractor is practicing voodoo. Ha! But seriously…I get home from Italy and there’s a “we haven’t seen you in a while” postcard in the mail. And then Friday I get a voicemail saying they’ve been looking over the records and I haven’t been in since December. (Is this a bad sign for the business? I didn’t get a call the last time I didn’t go for a while…) Then Saturday I was getting ready for the race, pulling on my compression tights, and pulled something in my mid-back. So yes, I’ll call and leave a message tomorrow about getting an appointment ASAP. Crazy coincidence? Or something else?

Ok…enough rambling. For now. Haha!


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