Books, Movies, Shows – January

Books, Movies, Shows – January

Alrighty…let’s see if I can do better with these this year…

Books I read…
* Moustrapped ~ Catherine Ryan Howard
cute and fluffy little memoir of a girl from Ireland who went to work for Disney (but not 100% Disney)
* Under The Tuscan Sun ~ Frances Mays
I loved the movie…but damn did they change a lot to make it movie like. The perfect example of why eat, pray, love was able to work as a movie as-is. It had conflict and growth. This one? SHE BUYS THE HOUSE WITH A GUY!!!!! WTF??? Way to sell out there. When I realized it was becoming cookbook and travel guide, I skimmed the last bits.
* Cast Member Confidential ~ Chris Mitchell
a look into the kinda dark side of Disney Cast membership
* The Weird Sisters ~ Eleanor Brown
READ THIS BOOK! One of the best debuts I’ve read. The sisters each maintain their own personalities without ever becoming trite. It’s not often I can say I saw a little of myself in every main character in a book…I can say that about this one. Mix the three sisters together – well, aspects of them – and you’ve got me. Love this book!
* Through Thick and Thin ~ Alison Pace
love Alison’s work, and this one’s no exception! a cute little cameo by Carlie! Yay Carlie!

Movies I saw…
* Black Swan – LOVED this one! Saw it twice! Amazing performances and a total mindfuck in the best possible way!

Shows I saw…
* next to normal – Yes, I saw the closing performance. I felt like I needed to – but honestly I was thrilled to see the new cast again. I ❤ them!!!!
* Gruesome Playground Injuries – Sort of how I felt about circle, mirror, transformation…I felt like I should have gotten it more than I did. It's…interesting.


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