Sorry it’s been a while!

Sorry it’s been a while!

Life has been busy between school and running! Good, but busy!!

School seems to be off to a pretty ok start. My class isn’t TOO bad this year – one child who can go off, but he has a crisis management para, so that’s a big help. Of course Umbridge is being, well, Umbridge. Did we really expect that to change? Yeah…not really.

Last week was the party for our associate priest who’s leaving as of tomorrow. 😦 I got asked to be on the committee, and worked with another guy on the committee to create a liturgical dance to be performed during the program. It went really well, and I remembered how much I love the freedom of movement! It felt really good to be part of the committee, and I made some connections with people I’d had very little contact with before, so woo!! Tomorrow is going to be sad at church though. 😦

Running is still going really well! I got a Garmin last week that tells me my pace and is also a heart rate monitor, and apparently I’ve been or begun running faster than the treadmill. My average pace ove a run/walk workout is just over 12 minutes pre mile. Hopefully that’s really true and will continue on next Sunday. I’m doing a 10K that day! A 10K that we just got an email about how we need to be at a 13 minute mile pace to clear a section that has to be cleared by a certain time. Given how I’ve been doing in the gym, when you add in race-day nerves in theory I should be fine, but still… The frustrating thing is that nowhere on the race site does it say ANYTHING about needing to have a 13 minute mile pace. So we’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed!!

After going to the gym today (where I did 6.5 miles in an hour and 18 minutes – including the 5 minute warm up and the 5 minute cool down…only the warm-up 5 minutes was included in the initial 6.2 miles), I came home and showered, then headed out to JFK. Andrea’s on her way to London with her friend Kami, and they had about a 7 hour layover at JFK (flew up here on JetBlue, flying out on Virgin Atlantic), so I went out to hang with them for a little while. It was fun! And we got a cute picture:


Good times!

So… That’s it for now I think. 🙂 I’ll do my best to stay in better touch!!


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