oh happy day

oh happy day

1. Days off are NICE! I initially opened my eyes around 7:30, but rolled over to try and go back to sleep. I managed to get another hour in before the bird started squawking, so still…that was good.

2. I’m impressed with the people on my street from last night. Either they didn’t shoot off as many fireworks as they usually do (and I’m leaning towards this one since I didn’t hear more than a few single ones…unless I fell asleep really hard really fast) or they actually cleaned up the whole mess. Either way, I’m impressed.

3. Went to the gym and did my final day of Week 1 in C25K. It wasn’t that bad actually. My body wasn’t thrilled with the first running interval, but I made it. There was a guy who works for the gym and does group training who was offering advice if anyone wanted it since he didn’t have a group at the time. I asked him about arms – what to do with them. I know you don’t want them up too high or your heart has to work extra hard to pump the blood. But also you don’t want them too low. His advice was to think of them “like tiny little t-rex arms” – they’re just kind of there at about waist height, but not really doing THAT much. It made me laugh, and actually it did help.

4. Got new headphones for the iPod. I’d had these ear bud things that honestly I’m not sure where I got. They were “doing” but I didn’t really like them. My ears are just not the right size or shape for ear buds – at least not the “stand alone” kind. The new ones I got are buds, but they’re buds with the over-ear holder. MUCH better! I didn’t spend the sweaty parts of my run fighting with the buds. Much improved!!

5. Did Yoga Meltdown this afternoon. I love that workout!! Right now I’m sticking with Level 1, but I may gradually start mixing Level 2 in on occasion. I did manage to do all my Rolling Ts AND hold the last one for Jillian’s 15 seconds (I’m convinced her timekeeping is different to anyone else’s) on both sides, so that was an improvement! I was shaking like crazy and on the verge of collapsing into a heap at the end of each, but I maintained! Woohoo!!!

6. Summer School starts tomorrow. Yay! Seriously, it should be fun. We have swimming on Mondays and Garden on Thursdays. Three weeks we have Arts in the Park on Tuesday. And I’ve requested two Wednesday field trips – we’ll see if those get to happen. But really the 6 weeks tend to go pretty quickly.

7. Starting to feel sleepy, so I’m thinking a shower and bed will be in order very shortly. It’ll be an early morning!


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