Fun stuff…maybe

Fun stuff…maybe

1. It is hot and gross outside. This morning, I was in the church and we looked out the door and it had rained. But not the kind of rain that makes it cooler. The kind that makes it into a sauna. Yuck!

2. Now the woman who is in charge of Christian Ed during the school year wants to sit down and pick my brain. Oh joy. I did tell her I’d been thinking about offering to work with the few youth we have now that I’m feeling settled in. So we’ll see what happens.

3. Yesterday was planning out a weekly menu and going to Trader Joe’s for shopping. When there I decided to get cereal bars for lunch and make the lunch section of the menu my dinner section. Especially with it being all hot and gross, I don’t want to be COOKING meals. Blech. Woohoo for having FOOD and things planned out to eat!!!

4. Tonight for dinner I decided I wanted breakfast – so I made the Banana Breakfast Shake from Jillian’s website. It is SOOOOO good! I definitely see that being a staple in my menu a lot!!

5. After being bad about exercise for a couple of days, I got my butt back on track yesterday. And then today I learned a little lesson that should have been obvious. It is NOT a good idea to wipe your sweaty face with your hands when you’re about to do push-ups. Yeah…pretty much faceplanted into the carpet. I managed to turn so I didn’t hit my nose, and I didn’t hit all that hard, but yeah. Not fun.

6. Now I have a bug up my ass to travel somewhere when we’re off for Rosh Hashanah (as in we have two days off after the kids are in school for all of one day). One idea I had probably isn’t going to work. That’s ok…I understand why. I’ve thought about going to Provincetown, but I don’t know. Obviously it can’t be anything huge since I’ll really only have 3 days plus travel on Sunday. Maybe a limited time thing like that would be a good time to go to Vegas so I won’t have to hear “You’ve never been???” even though it really holds no appeal for me. Anyone have any suggestions? Portland? San Francisco? I’m really not sure where I want to go…but I know I don’t want to stay here.

7. I am still striking out big time for Shakespeare in the Park. At this rate I will just have to suck it up and get up insanely early on a Saturday and wait for tickets. It’s just annoying reading people who claim they’ve won the virtual lottery every time they’ve entered, even when they enter every day. Even a real-life ticket lottery doesn’t usually produce those results – unless it’s fixed or they only draw to put people in the right order. It’s annoying though.

8. Ok…time to wash the face and get into bed. So much for going to bed earlier.


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