1. Fun Field Day was great today with one caveat! It wasn’t too hot, and the kids had a good time. So yay!

2. The one caveat to it being great was my scooter accident. I usually am pretty good with them, but I ended up being the poster child for why we should wear helmets when riding a scooter. No, I didn’t hit my head, but I did take a nice hard tumble when the front wheel went into a rut and stopped. Bruised thumb on my right hand – really NOT fun. Also, I probably have a bruise on my hip – it’s really sore, but I haven’t looked in the mirror to see. Yes, my name should have been Grace.

3. I didn’t let the injuries stop me from Shredding today – even though today was beginning Level 2 again. I despise Level 2. It is the devil. It is brussel sprouts. It is mega-tough. BUT! I did it AND I didn’t even take a “break” (you’re allowed a 5 second “break” if you need it)!! Also I even managed little baby push-ups with the walking push-ups – the “beginner” version is to walk out to a plank for a moment. I’m quite proud! 😀

4. Rather annoyed with MTC right now. Seriously – why have an email address for questions if questions aren’t going to be answered??? I need to get a window card from Collected Stories for Niki and I didn’t have money to do so when I saw it. Now, MOST shows have their window cards in the Broadway souvenir shops, but not MTC – or at least not this MTC show. They have it at MTC but I have neither the inclination nor the money to see the show again just to buy a window card. I emailed them at their “questions” email to see if there was a way to purchase it FROM THEM (in other words giving THEM the money for it) – either from the box office or if I would be allowed to go down to the lounge to buy it and then leave. No response. So I’ve decided that if I don’t hear from them by my lunch time tomorrow, I’ll call Triton and see if I can run in tomorrow afternoon and get it – they have it, but I always feel weird going up to their little room since it’s not really set up like a gallery or anything. They are always really responsive to my inquiries, so even though there will be a little tax on there, THEY will get my money if MTC doesn’t get its act together.

5. Yay! Daddy just called me to see about dates for beach next year!! They are going to see if they can go ahead and book the house they’re in for the week after summer school next year!!!! Very excited!!!!!

6. One sad thing… I’d really wanted to see Restoration again, but it’s closing on the 13th – before payday. 😦 Very sad!!

7. My bird is INSANE. Seriously. This afternoon about 4 texts came in in a row. He was wandering on the bed, and when a fifth text came in, he ran over to the phone, looked at it, and said “Stop it!” *headdesk*


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