It’s Monday…

It’s Monday…

1. School was school. We had our faculty conference today (it’s usually the 2nd Monday of the month). NABD. We talked goals for next year and got our preference sheets. Summer School was briefly discussed, and Ms. New AP included me in the ones who work it, so that’s a good sign. I mean, I’ve got retention rights, so it shouldn’t be an issue, but you never know. I’m putting 1st-2nd as my first choice, 2nd-3rd as my second and 3rd-4th as my third. We’ll see. So far the age/grade preference hasn’t really worked out for me, but it’s worth a shot. I did get a little annoyed that my para started whining about how with the little guys we sometimes have to do potty training. Frankly, I’d rather deal with that than puberty. Plus the kidlets at our site are going to be skewing younger, so. Fingers crossed. And frankly? The preference should be up to the teacher. If that means the teacher-para team gets split, so be it.

2. The houseguest thing is reminding me why I’m much happier – if poorer – without a roommate. I miss having my space – all my space. In October it was one thing because he was never here – always out at NYMF things. But now? I leave and he’s sleeping, I come in and he’s sleeping. ABSURD!!!! Also? It’s the assumption thing. Not cool. Ah well…it will get resolved soon I hope.

3. Theatre for the weekend was – 1 I can do without, 2 excellent, and 1 I’m not sure about. Friday night was Sarah Ruhl’s Passion Play. Um…it was long. Three and a half hours long to be exact. On folding chairs with very tiny pillows. It had some good points – especially at the first (yes, first) intermission where we got wine and half-bagels. But overall? Not a fan. I do not get why there was a running theme of fish throughout. It fit in Act 1. Did not fit in Act 2. And was only obliquely linked to location (Spearfish, SD) in Act 3. I don’t mind Ruhl’s straightforward stuff a la In The Next Room or even her revisiting of Greek tragedies a la Eurydice. But her symbolic stuff? I don’t get it. It did give me a comeback for playwriting when I take it again if symbolism comes up in critique. Symbolism is all well and good, but your audience has to get it. If they don’t, it just comes off as pretentious. Saturday was Sondheim on Sondheim – which was great. Barbara Cook singing “Send In The Clowns” was perfection. I only wish they’d given Norm Lewis “Epiphany” rather than Tom Wopat. Also Saturday was Everyday Rapture which has moved to Broadway thanks to Roundabout (and Megan Mullally for dropping out of a play at the last minute). It’s still amazing! I relate way too much to that show – though not always in obvious ways. And then yesterday was The Metal Children. Honestly I’m not sure what to think of that yet. It’s very dark. And I’m not really sure what the ending has to do with the rest of it. I can appreciate the art of the writing. And I can appreciate much of the acting. I’m just not sure how I feel about it overall yet.

4. I am loving Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown. Well, mostly. I am NOT loving the “rolling Ts” (it’s a side plank, then you roll through a plank to the opposite side plank and then back again – and it’s as hard as it sounds), but I’m getting better at them. 🙂

5. I have discovered the biggest benefit of having done the 30 Day Shred – at least for me. It goes beyond the weight I lost and the reshaping I’ve done. Basically? It got me in the habit of working out every day. And I can tell when I’m not able to or may not be able to. I get edgy and grumpy. Which ultimately I think will turn out to be a good thing. I will just need to learn how to occasionally work in something that may not be a dvd based on schedule. But ultimately I’m happy with this!

6. Gah decisions!! I definitely want to go to Lilith Fair this year!! Tickets for the NYC one (ok, so it’s in NJ, but it’s referred to as NYC) go on sale Saturday – payday!! I did apply to volunteer at the festival – talking about environmental things – but from that we won’t hear about that until like 2 weeks ahead of time. By which point I’m sure it’ll be sold out. So I don’t know if I should just buy a general festival pass (what we’d get anyway) and let that be it, then try and sell that if I’m chosen to volunteer or what. *headdesk* I hate decisions like this!!!

7. Debating getting a plane ticket down to NC for the reunion. I’ll have to look at the budget with this paycheck and decide if it’s even worth it. It’s closer to fly into Greensboro, but not necessarily cheaper. Charlotte, which is generally cheaper and provides more options, is further away. And I can’t leave until after school, so Greensboro is really the better option. We shall see.

8. Ok…time to dry my hair a little, then do some reading (the one problem with getting library books on my nook is a lot are coming off my waiting list, and I’ve only got 21 days to read them!!), and then go to bed.


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