Mental Health Days Are AMAHZING!!!

Mental Health Days Are AMAHZING!!!

1. Finished the 30 Day Shred yesterday!! ALL 30 DAYS!!! I’ll definitely keep it in my workout repertoire. It’s great!!! Weight loss for the 30 days? 12.5 pounds!! 🙂

2. Took today as “self treat for personal business”. That business was getting a hair cut – for free! – but really? Since it’s “personal business” it doesn’t matter! Personal business CAN be taking care of yourself, and I needed a day off. And the principal approved it, so YAY!

3. Not the greatest experience I’ve had with Bumble and Bumble Model Project in terms of the stylist. This wasn’t their first time doing the razor bob with this class, but you’d have thought it was as uncertain as my stylist was. Still, it looks ok. Not the fantastic look I usually come away with, but that’s also partly because they don’t allow them to use brushes even when blowing you out at the end with the cuts. They do style you when you do the color classes. I have to go back for another model call for color because they don’t do the color class I had been doing. The next one is May 24. So woo. (Btw, if anyone wants to do it, be a cut model (once you’re a cut model and have been to one appointment you can go for a color call), you can go to the model call on 5/24 from 5:30-6:15pm, and then give them my name when you go for your first service – really this is the first time I’ve had a slightly negative experience)

4. Started Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown today. HARD!!!! But amazing!! I love it!!

5. My dad sent me a link to this article about Nashville. Yeah, remember that? There was a 500-year FLOOD there over the weekend!!! But you may not have heard about it since it’s barely registered on the national news. Damage is going to be in the BILLIONS!! But it’s Nashville. People pulled together to help each other out. There wasn’t looting and violence. And… Well, the rest of my points are in the link. READ IT!

6. Speaking of Nashville, big time kudos to the touring company of A Chorus Line which is playing TPAC now. Daddy said that last night after curtain call, when they made their BC/EFA speech, the guy doing it announced that they have talked with tptb at BC/EFA, and while the money first has to come to headquarters in NY, ALL of the money they collect while in Nashville will GO BACK TO NASHVILLE for flood relief. LOVE!!!!!

7. I despise Russell. End of story.

8. And now it’s time to get ready for bed! Night everyone!!

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