happy day

happy day

1. I love nice, pretty Saturdays!! Even if I don’t DO anything, it’s nice to have them!

2. The morning’s activities were a trip to the library to return some DTBs (dead Tree Books) on places I’m considering visiting and pick up some more, then heading to the bank to get money orders for rent. Both things were accomplished.

3. Had possibly the most uninterested in anything teller at the bank. Honestly from the sigh when I walked through the line to her picking up her iPhone to take a text message while I was standing there it was so obvious that she wanted to be anywhere but working. I was tempted to nicely suggest that she might want to either ask for Saturdays off or try to transfer to a branch that’s closed on Saturdays (there are some…I found at least one in my quest). But I’m a little afraid of the power they have when they’re in my account (I know it would be very easy to track) and taking money out, so I kept my mouth shut.

4. I’ve continued to look in my apartment and at school for my iPod, but to no avail. It is nowhere to be seen. I have recently flashed back to one time on the subway a couple of weeks ago when a guy was getting off and I noticed a hot pink iPod in his hand. I didn’t think anything about it at the time other than it was weird that a guy had a hot pink iPod, but now I’m wondering if it was in the outer pocket of my backpack and he managed to get it out without me noticing – something that could in theory be very easy on a crowded train. I usually have my wristlet around my wrist, so that wouldn’t have been available to take. If he did in fact take it, I take comfort in the fact that he had to deal with all showtunes until he got it synched up with his or whatever. Guess a new iPod will go on the shopping list for when I have spare money. *sigh*

5. I’m 4 days away from finishing the 30 Day Shred!!! I can’t believe it!!! Today I managed to do one set of jumping lunges!!! The second set I went to the alternating leg lunges, but I am proud I did a set of the jumping ones. I want to be able to do both sets jumping by Day 30. We shall see.

6. The bird just bit my foot. Granted I almost put it on him when I took it off my knee, but he has no reason to be sitting right there at my butt either.

7. I was thinking there was something else I was going to say, but I can’t remember what it was now. Oh well.


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