la la la

la la la

not really a whole lot to report today. It was a full day at school complete with a training and a meeting at lunch. What fun. J was in completely rare form, which always makes things interesting.

Tomorrow is a bowling trip. Not sure how long it’ll last – I’m going to leave early and go to the ATM so I can stop by a bodega and get granola bars or something so I won’t have to skip lunch. Really working on not skipping meals, so I need to have something.

The exterminator hasn’t shown up. Big surprise. Well…let me put it this way. He hasn’t been inside. The building supervisor’s kid and others are hanging out on the stoop (I seem to remember that not being something we’re allowed to do as stated in the lease but whatever), so I don’t know if he showed up and they were like “Huh?” and he left. I jut texted the landlord to let him know the guy never showed – I don’t want them being charged for it if he tries to say he did – and that tomorrow will not be an option. We’ll see what happens.

My sleep sched is gonna get fucked up majorly tonight AND tomorrow – NOT GOOD! Tonight wasn’t going to be as much of a problem, but Marty won’t be here until at least 10, probably more like 10:30 (long story) and I have to get up early enough to do day #10 on the Shred and get a shower because there won’t be time for that after school since I have to go to the bank and get a money order – and since it’ll be a payday I’m sure there will be a line. And of course it’ll be late tomorrow night. I’m hoping I can adjust the eating to make up for it – maybe as long as I stick to my nothing after dinner rule I can negate SOME of the issues. But it still fucks with the metabolism. 😦 SAD FACE!

I’m not going to let 2 nights make me throw it all away though. I’ve worked too hard and made too much progress. I just have to do the best I can to minimize the damage.

I can do it! I know I can!


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